Mumbai is a congested city with high land-price value surrounded by water on three sides. However, the city fabric dissolves gradually towards the marshy lands and is finally taken over by the mangroves. The mangroves, standing as a buffer between the saline and the useable land, do not exceed further into the fresh water area.

The landscape provides porosity and a “link” to land-water, and acts as a buffer or a “barrier” by not allowing excess water. Also, the lush green extent and water body around is a perfect spot for migratory birds However, due to excessive reclaimation of these lands for commercial purposes, ecological balance is being tampered with, which is one of the reasons for the flood conditions increased in the past few years.

Site Response-

The main aim of the instillation therefore, is to attract and alert people. The basic programe thus is bird watching and a relaxation space, where one can come to watch the sun set, or rejuvenate with the vibrations of the natural habitat.

Site Selected- Vashi Creek